There are many different types of firearm enthusiast, you may fit into several types or be a blend what is often not realized is that you can’t paint all gun owners with the same brush. We are not all same as everyone else who has guns or uses guns.  This list is somewhat tongue in cheek, but maybe you will find some truth here.  The important thing is that it takes all of us to keep our Second Amendment Rights healthy.

Teddy and KermitHunter – Sure you own guns.  You own several rifles and shotguns, maybe a couple of revolvers, and a black powder gun.  You also have several bows, maybe even a crossbow. You have wondered about hunting bears with a revolver, or just how an atlatl works.  You know the opening day over at least three seasons next year.  For you, guns are just one more piece of gear.  You also have an ATV, tree stands, ground blinds, camo in several varieties, duck calls, turkey calls, waders, decoys, special detergent, and at least 3 hats in blaze orange.  Your kids know your gobble.  You never shave in November.  You use at least one week of vacation a year hunting.  Your dog was way more expensive than your guns. Your guns aren’t “pretty” & you prefer composite stocks. You have went to several states to hunt.  Firearms are mostly ancillary to your true interests.  You are proficient at the shots you expect to be presented with.  You evaluate your gear and buy what fits your needs best, and probably don’t buy a new gun every year or two.  You may have 3-4 guns your entire life. They might have been gifts from your Dad, or an inheritance.  You love the outdoors, the solitude and the fellowship with your fellow hunters. You can’t wait until your kids show an interest in hunting so you can see them more often in the fall.

Superman wears Jerry Miculek pajamas

Competitor – To you the goal is to increase your skills with your chosen firearms, your home is the range, you focus on the gun, and any other competitive edge to increase your performance as an athlete.  When at home, your guns are locked up and kept separate from your ammunition in the room where you keep your reloading bench. You may not care at all about hunting anything other than paper, and your record will be a stopwatch time or measured with a set of calipers.  You will likely have a few every expensively modified or specialty guns that look like something from Star Trek and have as much in common with a standard firearm as a Ford Taurus does to its’ NASCAR brethren.  You have the ballistics table memorized for your pet load.  You can define Ballistic Coefficient & you know what an Ogive is.  You time everything, you know you can get from the bed to the bathroom and have toothpaste on your brush in 2.75 seconds. You don’t say grace at meals, you sound a buzzer.  Your range bag has wheels or used to be your daughter’s stroller.  One time you heard a car honk and you reflexively slapped your side, trying to draw.

Broke into the wrong rec room didn't you?!

The Prepper.  You likely have several guns, but who’s asking?  If you had guns, you would have a mental map of where they are alhidden.  You may or may not have different guns for different uses. You may or may not carry even at home. You like tried and true common calibers that will be around when the SHTF and we experience TEOTWAWKI. Your kids can all recite the same “tragic boating accident” story, if asked.  You may or may not have three pallets of ammo strategically cached. You understand that firearms and ammunition as well as medical supplies and food will be better to have than gold or bitcoin when the collapse happens.Your wife always carried the babies on her weak-side hip & your family practices walmart evacuation drills.  Your kids know how to shoot guns, and clean game.   They also know how to escape from restraints, grow a garden, take martial arts classes, are rated for FA/ CPR and have HAM radio licenses.   At the end of every meal anyone who can accurately describe the waitress and the busboy with their eyes closed gets dessert.  Your hero is Burt Gummer.


The Professional – You are required by law, or contract, to strap on a firearm daily along with 25 lbs of other stuff.  You always sit with your back in the corner.  You find yourself doing threat assessments on people and places.  You always evaluate escape routes & you might circle the building to look at exterior means of egress before you go inside. You live in condition yellow.  You have at least two pistols and 2 rifles, plus a shotgun.  You have to carry the thing, it doesn’t mean you love it.  It works, it has to every time, and you will keep using it just as long as it works.  You are familiar with firearms, you practice regularly, but it is part of the job. You have spent far more on ammunition than guns in your career.  You have a very dark sense of humor.  You never go out to eat with your family in the town you work in. When you recognize someone you really hope it was not from work. Your wife has insomnia.


Concealed Carrier –  You know the world is unsafe.  You don’t want to be a victim.  You believe that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  You may have been a part of a violent encounter, or had a close call, or you may know someone who has.  You have a gun & you have practiced with it.  You know the use of force law as well as any police officer.  You hope you never have to hurt anyone.  But you know if it came down to you & your family or someone’s next high, you will protect your

 family.  You wish you could wear more fashionable clothes.  You have begun to realize that other people are completely unaware of their surroundings.  When you ask someone if “these pants fit”, you mean “am I printing?”  You only give people left sided hugs.  You only carry groceries in your left hand, or you push the cart to the car.  Your family knows the restaurants that are still valid choices.  You kids have started repeating back to you that there is a difference between “allowed” and “able”.

shooting glasses in a bowling alley?


The Collector/Geek – Guns are fascinating works of engineering.  You enjoy categorizing them, knowing their history, who designed them, their inner workings.  The relative merits of each caliber. You may or may not shoot them.  They are an investment, like a coin or art collection.  You like taking them apart, you enjoy reading about new and old guns.  You may have a niche, like guns of the old west, or current military arms. You may have grown up with guns, perhaps have some family heirlooms. Your LGS counter-person knows you by name, and has called you to let you know she may have  taken something in on trade that will interest you. You appreciate a fine piece of Walnut. You have spreadsheets on your collection, you know manufacturing dates and purchase price & approximate current value. You can fill out the 4473 with your eyes closed.  You may have copies pre-filled out. You have considered getting an FFL even though you never plan on selling any guns.  You once spent two days in the Cody Firearms Museum.

hmmmm ...Guns...



The truth is most of us firearms aficionados can probably relate to several of these in some degree. It doesnt matter what type of firearm owner you are, Liberty Tree can help you out. What other types of firearms owners can you think of?

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