One of the most affordable and popular concealed carry handguns of all time, the M&P Shield, is on sale both in store and online with some models more than $100 off.  This includes the 9mm, 40S&W, and new 45ACP model, and features models equipped with night sights, fiber optic sights, manual thumb safety and even the custom Performance Center models (Unfamiliar with the Performance Center series?  Check out Hickok45’s review here).  

Over 1 million people have made the S&W Shield their concealed carry gun of choice due to its ability to be easily concealed and professional grade construction and components.   At our normal sales prices these guns were a great value, but with our sale pricing it makes the S&W Shield the logical choice for your concealed carry pistol, or even as a backup pistol protection at home or while traveling.  

The Liberty Tree Smith & Wesson Sale has been hugely successful thus far, with hundreds of customers bringing new firearms home at historically low prices.  The S&W M&P Sport II has garnered the most attention at only $499.95, however there are several other fantastic deals available both in store and online.