Many of you may know, there’s been something hanging over everyone’s heads at the shop the last few months.  If you have been in, you probably know what it is.  For those of you who have not been in the shop in the last few months, why not?

Eli, the madcap, hatched this idea to actually hang a SIG MPX from the ceiling and once the subscriber list got to 3k he would give it away to a lucky winner.

What’s a SIG MPX you ask?   The civilian version is a piston driven semi-automatic pistol caliber short barr… um, pistol…with a really nifty arm brace… chambered in 9mm Luger, with familiar AR style controls and layout, manufactured by SIG Arms.  SIG if you don’t know is one of the most respected names in firearms and the current provider of our militaries’ new sidearm.  Read the full specs here on Liberty Tree Guns

The SIG MPX is 6 pounds of awesome oozing with cool.

So for the past several months we have been building to the day when a winner would be announced.  The time finally came, Eli couldn’t wait any more, and he asked the magic pixies in the computer to give him a name.  Watch the video below to see who won.  For the rest of us, Eli promises more give-aways and at a higher rate of fire in the future.

Stay Safe, Stay Free, Liberty Tree