Ergonomics plays a huge role in the success a firearm.  Ergonomics is the study of the human/machine interface, basically it is building something made for humans to use.

Firearms have a few non-negotiable features and requirements.  And the design of a pistol has not changed all that much since about the late 19th century.   Browning and Luger were among the very first designers to develop a magazine fed semi-auto loading pistol.  The magazine was sized to fit the cartridges in a single stack. The cartridges were designed for maximum efficiency in a space that would fit inside the handle of the gun and the handle and grip of the gun was sized to fit into the average male hand.  

You may have noticed somewhere along the way that people are all different shapes and sizes.  Also, firearm consumers, dictated by the needs of proper self defense, prefer to carry more than 7 rounds when at all possible.  

Which takes us back to the number of cartridges that can be carried in a daily carry pistol.  Originally the designs of pistols were hampered by the materials of the day, mostly steel and wood.  We are in the 21st century now and polymer can be shaped to anything we want. This long winded intro gets us the the point, and one of the things that makes the Sig 365 so revolutionary:

Using computer aided design software, for the first time in the industry a firearm has been purpose built for concealed carry with a design emphasis on building the gun around a staggered double stack magazine.  The Sig 365 is not a double stack, and it is not a single stack, it is a stagger stack, but the result is a very handy and effective capacity of 10+1 in a grip size similar to that of most single stack pistols, there is an optional 12 round magazine which brings total capacity to 13.  This is revolutionary. Imagine double stack capacity in a single stack size package. This is great for those with smaller frames & smaller hands. There is very little tradeoff here between concealability and capacity. It is very, very comparable in size to the Glock 43, or S&W Shield, with nearly twice the capacity.   Good stuff.

Everything else about the gun is correct as well.  Stainless steel frame, striker fired, typical great Sig trigger.  It’s rated for +P ammo, available with night sights, comes with 2-10rd mags, at a price point that is not out of line with other manufacturers offerings.

It looks good too…

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