The Making of the Eat Pizza Win Guns Commercial

In this episode meet Eli Bruton, his wife Vanessa, and several of their merry band of freedom loving minions to learn what went into their commercial for their Eat Pizza, Win Guns promotion.  If you have not yet seen the Eat Pizza Win Guns Commercial, you should watch that right now.


At first you might not think that it would make sense for a family that owns a gun store to also own two pizza places. However, if you really  stop and think about it, Guns and Pizza could give Mom and Apple Pie a run for their money on describing the American Dream in the 21st century .

In the vlog Eli describes the process for creating a cool explosion, the importance of not warning your camera lady about said explosions (to get that authentic shot), and the dangers of doing your own stunts. You will also see and learn about Chad’s cat-like vertical leap ability, as well as his  amazing timing, reflexes, and stealth. Eli talks a little bit about  Vanessa’s deer rifle, and his AK. We hope you can see how much  the Bruton’s and Co. enjoy their jobs. Please understand that although the commercial is pretty silly they take their guns and their pizza very, very, seriously.  Watch theVLog


For more information on Vanessa’s CZ 572 Carbine contact Liberty Tree

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