UPDATE: The Labor Day Sale continues while supplies last!! Congrats to Michael M from Conneticut for winning the custom Hornady Shield!

Watch video for more details and see the flyer below.

Now is a GREAT time to be into firearm related pursuits, and if you aren’t yet, NOW is a GREAT time to get started!

We have a phenomenal opportunity to take home some firearms that should be on everyone’s wish lists!

An ATI Omni Hybrid AR-15 for $399.99; who else is selling AR’s at this price!?  Perfect as a truck gun, closet gun, back up rifle. Whether it will be your 1st AR or your 5th, its just a fantastic deal!

How about this for a STEAL? A Maverick 88 for $179, what is Eli thinking? Amazing price on a perfect defensive shotgun!  For those who don’t know the Maverick 88 by Mossberg is essentially the same as the class leading Mossberg 500: Mossberg reputation, Maverick value.

Speaking of Mossberg, if you want a Mossberg 500 Persuader,  Liberty Tree Guns has those too, for $249.  The Mossberg 500 is top of the line in pump shotguns and the Persuader is made for home defense! Outstanding!

Need a new carry gun?  Who doesn’t?  How about a S&W hammerless bodyguard revolver in the venerable and proven .38 special, or the compact polymer striker fired semi auto S&W Bodyguard with LASER in .380 ACP – YOUR CHOICE $299.95

Don’t miss out!