Century Arms is offering a $50 Rebate on all new purchases between from May 15, 2017 – July 15, 2017 on one(1) of 15 Rifle Models. The rebate comes in the form of a prepaid gift card by mail approximately 6-8 weeks from receipt of the rebate form.  Store receipt must be dated no later that 7/15/2017 and forms must be postmarked no later that 8/15/2017. More details are outlined in the attached document below.

Download the Century Arms rebate form here: Century Arms Summer Savings 2017

This offer applies to the following models:
C39v2 (RI2398-N)
C39v2 MOE (RI2399-N)
C39v2 Zhukov (RI2400-N)
• C39v2 CALI (RI2398CC-N)
• C39v2 MOE CALI (RI2399CC-N)
• NPAP DF (RI2174-N)
• NPAP (RI2087-N)
• C308 (RI2253-X)
• RAS47 (RI2403-N)
• RAS47 MOE (RI2404-N)
• RAS47 Zhukov (RI2405-N)
• RAS47 WALNUT (RI2759-N)
• RAS47 CALI (RI2403CC-N)